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Geotechnical Engineering and Technology Laboratory (GETLAB)

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

We take pride in Offering a wide range of civil infrastructure development projects like Geotechnical, embankments, bridges, rail & structures, and the fact that our machines are calibrated.

Our Pride and Joy

We take pride in Offering testing services for a wide range of civil infrastructure development projects including Geotechnical / Geophysical Exploration Services (highways, dams, embankments, bridges, rail & structures) & new requirements like antiseismic construction.

"We share the joy of our customers when feasible engineering solutions are found."

All this is made possible by our dedicated team of competent and well exposed technicians, geologists, and engineers, and the fact that most of our machines are new electronic and calibrated.

Soil Testing

We conduct a wide range of tests on both disturbed and undisturbed soil samples. These include:

  • Consolidation (oedometer) & Shear box test

  • CBR & MDD test

  • Atterberg Limits

  • Particle size distribution

  • Unconfined Compressive Strength

  • Initial Consumption of Lime (ICL)

Public Health and Environment Testing

We carry out evaluation of the possible impact of chemical substances on humane health and the environment.

Concrete & Aggregate Testing

GETLAB offers a comprehensive list of available tests on concrete and aggregates. These include;


  • Concrete cube strength

  • Slump test

  • Schmidt rebound hammer

  • Concrete mix design


  • Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV)

  • Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)

  • 10% fines Value (TFV)

  • Los Angeles Abrasion Value (LAAV)

  • Sodium Soundness Test

  • Flakiness and elongation index

  • Relative density and water absorption

Petrology and Petrochemical

This section is fully equipped to conduct mineral and chemical analysis tests of rock, oil & gas.

Asphalt Testing

We practically have the most modern asphalt testing equipment in the country. The test we conduct include:

  • Penetration test

  • Softening point test

  • Bitumen viscosity

  • Bitumen ductility

  • Thin Film Oven test

  • Flash and fire point test

  • Marshall test

  • Marshall mix design

  • Refusal density mix design

  • Binder content by extraction

Chemical Testing

We run a chemical testing department fully furnished with the necessary equipment and reagents for chemical tests on Water, Cement, Lime and bitumen. We have a specialist engineer with wealth of experience in this field.

Geotechnical Investigations

Our Registered Engineers and Technicians are well equipped to deliver a proper and cost effective investigations in a professional and timely manner.

Our Geotechnical Services include;

  • Soil and bed rock drilling (up to a depth of 200m and 5m respectively)

  • SPT tests at regular intervals

  • Auger boring

  • Trial pits

  • CDP tests (manual and motorised)

  • Soil and rock profiling

  • Insitu density

  • Soil and rock laboratory analyses.

Geophysical Investigations

These are a reasonable cost and time saving option for preliminary assessment of large sites. They give information on sub-soil parameters. Like resistivity, seismicity, ground profiles & water levels.

Quality since 2014

GET Lab Limited, Holds ISO/IEC 17025 Recognition Certificate issued by Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) and her personnel hold American Concrete Institute (ACI) Training Certificates. GETLAB is also a member of the National Laboratory Association of South Africa.

We guarantee COST EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE, TIMELY and TECHNICALLY JUSTIFIED information that is crucial for material quality control / compliance monitoring and Front End Engineering Design (FEED).


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