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Concrete and Aggregate Testing

Concrete and Aggregate Testing

At GETLAB, we pride ourselves on adapting the latest testing advancements in aggregate and concrete testing technologies. We have invested in modern testing equipment that is regularly calibrated and often verified by our engineers to assures our Clients get accurate results.


Our engineers and technicians are certified in ACI practices to carry out all concrete and aggregate testing using ACI and ASTM standards among others such as BS, Eurocodes, AASHTO, and other industrial standards. We test Mansory blocks, paving blocks, building stone, concrete, aggregates, cementitious materials like mortar strength, steel, and many similar materials.

Concrete an Aggregate Testing

GETLAB offers a comprehensive list of available tests on concrete and aggregates. These include;

Moisture content of aggregates

Relative density and water absorptions

Sieve tests on aggregates & Elongation Index

Flakiness Index (FI) and Average Least Dimension (ALD)

Aggregate Crushing Value (ACV) & Aggregate Impact Value (AIV)

Ten Percent Fines Value (TFV) & Los Angeles Abrasion Test (LAA)

Sodium Sulphate Soundness Test (SSS) & Slump Test

Concrete Cube Strength & Concrete Mix Design

Rebound Hammer Test

Concrete Core Recovery Using a Core Cutter

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