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Soil Testing Services

Soil Testing

We conduct all physical, mechanical, and chemical testing on all geo-products (soils) for construction purposes.


Our specialized teams in soil testing are well versed with best International practices using soil testing standards like BS, AASHTO, Eurocodes, BS, ASTM, SAPEM, and local industry-applicable standards including regional manuals such as Tanzanian CML manuals and the like.

Shearmatic Machine

We conduct a wide range of tests on both disturbed and undisturbed soil samples.

These include;

Moisture Content, Liquid Limit & Linear Shrinkage

Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index

Particle Density Determination (Pyknometer test)

Bulk Density for undisturbed samples

Particle Size Distribution - Wet sieving

Particle Size Distribution - Hydrometer method

Compaction Test (BS Light, BS Heavy)

California Bearing Ratio Test - One point method, Three point method

Consolidation Test (Oedometer method)

Triaxial Test, Shear Box Test

Permeability Test (Constant head method)

Organic Content (Ignition loss method)

pH Value (pH meter), Compaction Test for Stabilized materials

Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) of stabilised materials

Initial Consumption of Lime (ICL)

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